The National Genomic Test Directory for Cancer  specifies the genomic tests commissioned by NHS England for cancer, eligibility criteria, and how to order them.

The Cancer Test Directory is sub-divided into five categories:

  • Adult Solid Tumours
  • Neurological Tumours,
  • Sarcomas
  • Haematological Cancer
  • Paediatric Tumours

Most tests in the Cancer Test Directory are provided by one of the regional laboratories that are part of the Central and South Genomic Laboratory Hub (C&S GLH). Initial test requests will be triaged by the nearest laboratory to clinicians, who will ensure the sample is sent to the relevant lab. A small number of specialised tests are not provided by the C&S GLH. These tests will be sent to other laboratories across England, as part of the wider Genomic Medicine Service network. This will not affect the ordering or referral process.

If a test is not listed on the Test Directory this means it  is not currently commissioned by NHS England. The process for requesting additions and updates to the Test Directory is detailed here.   

More information about Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) for cancer across the C&S GLH is available here.

Further information about cancer tests provided within your local Genomic Laboratory Hub lab can be found on the relevant websites below.