Genomic Tumour Advisory Boards

Introduction to project

Genomic Tumour Advisory Boards (GTABs) are a multi-disciplinary group that play a pivotal role in interpreting complex cancer genomic data emerging from the National Test Directory on cancer patients, and provide the link into local cancer multi-disciplinary teams which guide patient treatments. 


There are currently three GTABs running across the Central and South region. 


Genomic data is initially interpreted by a team of clinical scientists, who then present the findings to the GTAB, decide upon its relevance and make clinical recommendations that are formalised in a report that is returned to the referring clinician.  


What is the condition?  

GTABs currently discuss patients eligible for Whole Genome Sequencing, which can be found on the National Test Directory 

What are we doing? 

The West Midlands GTAB has to date discussed 70 patients from 6 different cancer types across 5 Trusts in the region. 53% of patients discussed were found to have an actionable variant, 12% of which were recommended for clinical trials.   

Who can I contact?

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