Facilitating WGS in Mainstream Ophthalmology cClinics

Introduction to project

Eye genetics services within the Central and South GMSA have joined together to provide support for the roll out of Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in mainstream ophthalmology clinics.

The aim of the project is to embed Genetic Counsellors (GCs) and Genomic Practitioners (GenP) within each regions’ Ophthalmology service to aid in WGS uptake and result reporting.

What are we doing? 

A part-time Genomic Practitioner role. based at The Oxford Eye Hospital, is due to be developed.

The role is being developed in order to evidence the way in which it helps to support the uptake of WGS in clinic, in particular the ability to recruit trios which positively impact the quality of WGS analysis.

We aim to demonstrate that having a GenP and GC embedded in the clinic helps to free up clinician time and resources, in addition to improving quality patient care, and reducing the waiting time patients have to receive a genetic test result.

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