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  • As genomics moves into routine clinical care, an increasing number of NHS professionals are likely to encounter genomics as part of their jobs. All healthcare professionals are likely to need to some level of genomics knowledge, including the impact it can have on diagnosing and treating patients with cancer or a rare disease.

Nationally, Health Education England have developed a Genomics Education Programme (GEP) to ensure NHS staff have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to deliver genomic medicine.

Education and training colleagues across the Central and South Genomic Laboratory Hub and Genomic Medicine Service Alliance work closely together to deliver an effective GEP for staff across the geography. More information on Central and South specific Education and Training activities will be available soon.


We have developed a range of postcards for healthcare professionals in various roles. These answer the question “Why do I need to know about genomics?”, and provide direction on where to learn more. Please click below to download these.

Useful links

There are a number of websites with more information and resources for those who want to find out more about Genomics.  These include:

  • Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) – The national Genomics Education Programme is an NHS initiative supported by Health Education England (HEE). It exists to build the knowledge, skills and experience required to ensure the English health service remains a world leader in genomic and precision medicine. It provides a full range of educational resources and courses, from short films to a full Master’s degree
  • Genomics England
  • The Genomics Era: the Future of Genetics in MedicineMore information for colleagues considering a career in genomics is available on the following sites:
  • National School of Healthcare Science – The National School of Healthcare Science has pioneered national scientist training in the UK, producing scientists who are changing patient and clinical outcomes, contributing to multi-professional working and new ways of integrated working, and are leading in many areas of innovation and translational research within the NHS.
  • Careers in Genomics 

Genomic Laboratory Hub videos 

The Central and South Genomic Laboratory Hub recently led a national project to create a suite of videos for GLH colleagues. The videos provide an overview of key processes in the laboratories. The videos focus on the following topics: 

  • Laboratory tour
  • DNA Extraction
  • RNA Extraction
  • CVS & amniocentesis sample processing
  • SNP and CGH Arrays
  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Non-Invasive prenatal testing

The videos are available to watch on the GenQA website.  

Colleagues based within a GLH or GMSA can access these videos by existing GenQA accounts or emailing GenQA ( to request an account and access. 

Colleagues emailing GenQA will need to state their name, email address and that they are part of Central and South GLH/GMSA/ 


The Genomics Education Programme includes a number of courses, ranging from individual CPD modules to a full Master’s programme. These include:

  • Genomic Medicine Programme – postgraduate and CPPD courses – This programme – commissioned by HEE’s Genomic Education Programme – offers postgraduate taught awards, as well as a range of individual taught modules which will count towards your continuing professional and personal development (CPPD). Training is suitable for:
    • NHS professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, nurses and midwives
    • Biotech and pharmaceutical professionals
    • Scientists and researchers
    • People interested in a career in healthcare

More information is available on the Genomics Education Programme website

  • Genomics in the NHS programme – The Genomics in the NHS programme is a collection of e-learning courses developed by NHS educational teams to support and educate healthcare professionals about genomic medicine and the benefit it will bring to patient care. The e-learning courses have been developed for those directly involved in the Genomic Medicine Service and the wider healthcare workforce. Find out more on the e-learning for healthcare website.
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and online training

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