The NHS Genomic Medicine Service provides a unique opportunity for translational research for patient benefit. 

The Central and South Genomic Medicine Service Alliance and Genomic Laboratory Hub serve a population of 10 million across our region, which covers the West Midlands, Thames Valley and Wessex. There are 41 NHS Trusts across our geography, including major centres for genomics in Birmingham, Oxford and Southampton.

We work in conjunction with NHS, academic and commercial partners to support, promote and conduct research and development relevant to delivery of genomics for patient benefit. Our approach is broad and encompasses clinical, translational and basic research as well as the development and implementation of new tests and technologies. We welcome new ideas and opportunities to work with partners to help develop and enable high quality patient focused research. We are particularly interested in supporting research projects across paediatrics, cancer, rare diseases, health economics and data science, although we welcome project submissions covering all aspects of genomic research. Researchers or research teams who would like to work with us are invited to contact us by emailing  


Currently, the CAS GMS (or GMSA & GLH) supports a range of national and regional transformation projects across several disease areas including cancer, rare diseases and primary care.

The projects we support are submitted to and approved by NHSE for transformation funding, although we do also aim to pump-prime smaller projects where they can evidence measurable change and national scalability.

NHSE approves and provides funding for projects based on their priorities. As a GMSA we have priorities for projects we wish to support across our region, which align with NHSE priorities. Our key priorities are that projects should enable equity of access for patients across the Central & South region, transform clinical care or NHS services and have a direct impact to patients and service users.

In addition to providing allocated funding to projects, we also provide support in other ways. Each project will be allocated a project or programme manager to ensure safe and effective implementation across the region. As we cover a large geography we are also able to network and create links for project proposers with experts across the region.

We are also working to accelerate delivery through specific initiatives such as theLR CASe Detectives Group where we have brought together individuals interested in long read technologies from all professional backgrounds across our region. This network provides a space for professionals to share their experience and practices, foster partnerships between clinical, academic and industry stakeholders and drive forward this innovative area of genomic medicine.